Wolfy & Rima at Voice4Vision Puppet Slam!

Wolfy & Rima have performed last Sunday, December 18th, at the Voice4Vision Puppet Festival’s Puppet Slam.
It was my 3rd live performance– I can still count it on one hand! I was more relaxed knowing that the lovely and talented Rima will be on my (Wolfy’s) side, but it was still a leap of faith for me. Performing in an enclosed space, with a mic, means that people actually get to hear me being Wolfy, and be intimate with what Wolfy is offering. Placing myself in such a position, in addition to being the opening act of the evening, put me in a very vulnerable state. I welcome such state with fear and wonder. For me, the place where art stems from and aims to, is exactly that place where all weapons are down, and even though I transmit myself via a furry object, I hope to succeed in touching people’s hearts, desires and fears.
I felt it was achieved, and upon seeing the clip on youtube of our performance that night, I was reminded I need voice lessons…

This wonderful evening was was curated by Jane Catherine Shaw, Honey Goodenough and Karen Oughtred. My deepest thanks to these lovely people for helping make this lovely evening come to life. This great still of Rima and myself was taken by Lee Wexler/ Images for Innovation. The performance was shot by my dear collaborator, Shachar Langlev.

Hope you enjoy the clip!

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