“I want to eat the world!” That’s what Wolfy says as he sets off on a journey of self-discovery. As a wolf, he feels like he should be more frightening. But it can’t be helped: he is mostly curious and playful. He likes nothing better than befriending new creatures, singing songs and dancing. Wolfy can be impulsive, which sometimes gets him into trouble, as when Aitch, his traveling companion, warns him not to eat too many berries from a bush. But Wolfy eats them, anyway.

{Puppeteering- Lake Simons; Voice- Leat Klingman}




Aitch is a creature of the land. He and Wolfy were best friends before Aitch left to roam the world. Now he is back and reunited with Wolfy. Aitch’s main traits are wisdom and kindness of heart. He is also the only one in the land who has pink eyes! He is known among all the creatures for having said these words: “Imagine your heart and you’ll be free to roam.”

{Puppeteering & Voice- Erin Orr}






Ella Bella is an Italian one-winged bird. She is the bird-keeper of the forest. Her unique position requires her to entertain the trees of the forest so that they will not roam. But that is not a problem as she is extremely talented: she has a soothing singing voice, exquisite good looks and delicate, birdly dancing. She wants you to follow your heart’s desire or, as she would put it-

“Follo ur cuore il desiderio.”

{Puppeteering- Lisa Van Wambeck; Voice- Rima Fand}





As master of the land, Master Gugu Nunu is responsible for its future.  He lives in a white shrine and his body is covered with sparkly diamonds and shiny colors. But he is not all glamour. He is highly intelligent and those he entertains must speak to him in verse. His most sought after magical power is his ability to undo acts already committed. He knows that for a land to be healthy, it must have art. As he explains: “Someone needs to touch, feel, see, for Art to truly be.“

{Puppeteering- Lisa Van Wambeck; Voice- Brendan McMahon}





Cheri Cheri is a French double-headed dragon, composed of Cheri #1 and Cheri #2. The Cheris live in a deep lake and spend their time chatting in French, romping in the water and acting mischievously. In her youth, Cheri #2 was a famous opera singer. She still takes very good care of her appearance. They save their magical spells only for those in genuine need. Their famous line is: ”You must trust your heart and choose.”

{C#1 Puppeteering- Kim Berman; Voice- Logan Hegg;
C#2- Puppeteering & Voice- Abigail Wright}




Alone is an artist who lives in a cave, surrounded by his sculptures. He’s passionate about his art, and wants it to express beauty. Yet he is melancholy and finds it hard to work. But without the making and sharing of his art, he and his world are turning gray. He is known to have said: “Art mends broken hearts while making you so smart.”

{Puppeteering- Lisa Van Wambeck; Voice- Lake Simons}






BIRD GUARD of Master Gugu Nunu

The Bird-Guard’s responsibility is to see to it that only those in need will enter the shrine of Master Gugu Nunu.  Having done this job for many years, the Bird-Guard is quite an old bird. In its peculiar bird form, with only one wing to guard with, he too speaks in rhymes – just like his Master.

{Puppeteering- Kim Berman; Voice- Jim O’Grady}

*Thanks to Charlie Kanev for his help in co-designing this bird!