Shachar Langlev

DP, Camera A Operator, Collaborator

Born in Israel, Shachar Langlev moved to New York to pursue a career in filmmaking. Over the past seven years, Shachar has been working as a film director, producer and cinematographer.  He is the recipient of the 2004 Eastman Kodak Award for excellence in cinematography. He directed a music video for the band “Damone”, which was aired on MTV, VH1, and was nominated for an award in the Fuse Music Video Awards. He has shot and co-produced numerous fiction and documentary short films. His most recent projects include shooting “Kaya”, a short film about a female bike messenger in New York, which won best short film at the Hardacre Film Festival; and a documentary film, still in production, about Alzheimer patients and the effect of music on their treatment, to be aired on PBS in 2011. He is currently in post-production on a film that he wrote and directed, which will premiere June 2011 in New York. For info check





Katie Dillon

Editor of Film

Katie Dillon has been working as an editor since she was 18 years old.  She has edited everything from music videos to feature films.  A secret part of her has waited for a children’s film to come along, so when an opportunity to edit one arose, she decided that she was going to get the job… and did. Since 2006, Katie Dillon has been a co-owner of Beautiful Lady Productions, a production company which produces films from preproduction through post.  She is currently working with her production company to produce more feature films. &

Personal Impression:

I can’t get those songs out of my head.  I’ll be walking down the street singing the Backwards song… and people think I’m losing my mind in the best of ways.



Sara Kiesel

Chief Editor of Script

Dancer and lover of words.

Personal Impression:

I had the pleasure of helping Wolfy in his journey with clear and concise language, while retaining Leat’s fanciful use of English. It was hours of laughter, drinking tea and vodka, and deep listening.  Thank you Wolfy.





Heather Powell

Studio and set-design assistant#1, Assistant Director

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Ayalah Klingman

Mother, Studio Assistant, Co-producer

Ayalah Klingman is the wonderful mother of Leat. Ayalah is a pianist and music teacher. She is also an extremely talented human in other departments, such as painting, crafts, sewing and dancing. Her many talents seeped into her daughter. While Ayalah was visiting New York for the summer, she was enthusiastically employed by her daughter for all her talents (and for her cooking too). She is the best mom-assistant ever!

Personal Impression:

I can say it was an amazing experience, despite the difficulties. I loved seeing that the effort and the investment concluded into such impressive consequences. It was exciting to see the excitement of all the talented artists friends around Leat, and how they get attached and express such warm feelings towards the puppets. It was felt that the puppets were moving them. Today when I see the final product, I love the feeling I have that my hand was part of the making in many sets. I know how much emotional and physical strength were invested in this creation.



Hai-Tao Wu

Camera B Operator, Gaffer

Hai-Tao Wu was previously a producer/cinematographer for TV commercials/Documentaries in Taiwan and is currently a master student specialize in Writing/ Directing in Media Arts Production program in the City College of New York. See work at and

Personal Impression:

The production of Wolf’s Journey went smooth and professional. The set design and the puppeteers’ performances were AMAZING!



Tony Leonardo

Camera B Operator, Gaffer, Special Effects, Film advisor

Writer/Director KAYA







Kevin Hylton

Kevin Nathaniel Hylton graduated Yale University in 1982 as Scholar of the House for fine arts. He has since devoted himself to music – African music in particular. As an accomplished percussionist, he performs on several traditional African instruments and builds them as well. He is founding member of three music groups, Spirit Ensemble, Heritage, and Forestdance. Kevin is a known composer of African- inspired contemporary music. He writes songs, lyrics, poetry, and essays on music and instruments. His workshops and lecture/demos have been presented at Lincoln Center, Juilliard, University of Michigan, Wesleyan University, and others. You can view more of Kevin’s work at

Personal Impression:

It was fun recording with Leat and Rima. The music is fresh and playful as is the energy of the whole project.




Gabriela Salazar

Assistance in prop-making

Gabriela Salazar is an artist, writer, curator, and teacher working in New York City. Her first experiences in the puppet world go back to the Paper Bag Players and Alexander Calder’s Circus. More about her and her work can be found at

Personal Impression:

I only was able to work on Wolfy for a day, but inhabiting Leat’s world and helping to see it come together behind the scenes was incredible. Let’s just say I never thought gluing moss to a mountain would be so exciting!