WOLFY was born in 2007. He was supposed to be a scary wolf but, after appearing in several of my short films, he revealed his true character: sweet, inquisitive and questing.


But he had one more side to his character. At night, he would sit on my windowsill, howling at the moon and urging me to make a feature film- with him as the star! He was passionate and cunning and, soon enough, had melted my reluctance. I said “Yes” to his idea of making a film about a wolf who wants to see the world and experience life to its fullest, wherever that may lead him. So together we set off on a journey-

Wolfy’s Journey.

In preparation, WOLFY started singing day and night. He even wrote some songs all by himself. (He’s not the best singer in the animal land, but he tried). His enthusiasm got me going. So I set out to find him co-stars. Soon a cast was assembled: AITCH, his traveling companion; ELLA BELLA, bird-keeper of the forest; MASTER GUGU NUNU, the land’s presiding spirit; CHERI CHERI, a double-headed dragon that lives in a lake; and finally, ALONE, a troubled artist who has left the world to live in a cave.


As with any film of this kind, it took talented humans to bring it to life. So many creative and generous people joined the film both to help me and because Wolfy had charmed them into believing that his story should be told. Without their gifts, this journey would never have happened.


Now it’s your turn. Will WOLFY and friends charm you, too? Privately, I sometimes find myself saying Wolfy’s phrase: “I want to eat the world!” I owe it to his wolfish ways.