Dancing Fingers

Intrepid Puppet-day was a success!

So many wonderful people- big as small, stopped by to watch my films & puppets at yesterday’s event at the Intrepid. I felt loved and appreciated, and was delighted to see that my high heel boots fit the little kids’ fingers as they were dancing their ways on the table! It was very entertaining, and a humbling experience to see my work relates to kids who I don’t teach and therefore don’t know me personally..
And a big hug to Timmy Young from Puppetry Arts for making this day happen.
Please extend your love and support Wolfy in his journey. It may become yours too.


Intrepid Museum is hosting a Puppet day this coming Monday!

As part of Kids Week at the Intrepid Museum, on President’s day they have a full day of Puppetry action. It is thanks to Puppetry Arts that this day is taking place.
The Intrepid is actually a Sea, Air & Space Museum, and is located on the West side of Manhattan on Pier 86, 12th Ave. & 46th Street. This event is happening all day, starting 10am. Wolfy & Friends will be there to entertain all of its visitors!

Pictures from Premiere

Check these out! Nice pictures from the premiere at 3rd Ward Moviehouse.

Wolfy’s is a Journey Worth Taking- Blog by Abigail Wright

Abigail Wright (left in picture)- my wonderful friend and fanciful dragon- Cheri #2, has written this piece about the film and the evening of its premiere.

I am grateful for her talent, as well as her generosity. Another way to become familiar with the film, through her writing. Check it out!

Premiere coming up

On January 9th,2011


Location Details